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BULK MEAT DEALS - Limited time only

FREEZER READY - Farm Fresh, chemical free, fully cut and wrapped

All meats are from our own paddock & processed in our own licensed abattoir.

We offer full carcass or sides. The weight of the purchase will vary according to animal size; however, you are buying a whole or part of carcass, not butchery counter stock.

Your purchase will include bone, fat and trim from the cutting of the carcass.

We do not quote a price at the time of order, other than price per kg. Price is per kg of carcass, not meat outcome. Final price will not be able to be quoted until the animal has been dressed out of the abattoir. Customer can suggest the weight they would prefer, however an allowance of +/- 5 kg may apply.

BEEF from 80 kg – 200 kg Full carcass or side or quarter                              $18/kg

Cuts include: Scotch Fillet; Eye Fillet; Rump; T- Bone; Rib / Rack; Osso Bucco; Blade; Chuck; Round; Topside; Silverside; Brisket

LAMB from 18 kg – 24Kg Full carcass or side                                                   $20/kg

Cuts include: Chump chops , Loin chops , Shanks; Cutlets or Rack

Leg chops or Leg Roast; FQ chops or Shoulder Roast; Neck whole or Rossette

PORK from 40 kg – 75Kg Full carcass or side                                                   $16/kg

Cuts include: Loin chops; Cutlets or Rack; FQ chops or Shoulder Roast ,

Leg chops or Leg Roast or Osso Bucco

You could also choose to have roast, diced or mince instead of cuts

Use cutting sheet for your preference

Extra charges of $6.00/kg for sausage making, $3.00/kg for mince, $8.00/kg for ham, bacon 

We can cyvovac packing your meat for $0.60/pack, and labelling for $0.10/label

$100.00 or 50% of order as deposit required with order

Price as from February 2021, might change without notice

Please place order with Stephen on m.0447712370 or Dorothy on m.0418476308 re. species of animal, size of animal and cutting specification.